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Citizen participation for the construction of the National Development Plan in Mexico

Civil organizations speak up for participation in the National Development Plan. See further information in Spanish.

Presenting the Sonora River case in Geneva

Mexico City, November 30, 2018.- Thelma Moiza, representative of the Río Sonora Watershed Committees (CCRS by its Spanish acronym) and resident of the affected community of Bacánuchi, participated, this week, in the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva. The objective: to raise awareness of the human rights abuses caused by Grupo México […]

Toxic spill in the Sonora River: LA Water Tribunal makes the Mexican State responsible for HR violations

More information in Spanish.

New Airport project in Texcoco is a bad business for Mexico: PODER

Press release in Spanish.

For the first time in Mexico, participation of non-indigenous communities in environmental issues is recognized

Press release in Spanish.

Mexican Supreme Court ruling favors Bacanuchi community regarding Grupo México tailings dam

Information in Spanish.  

UN Special Rapporteur on Toxic Substances to the Mexican Supreme Court: Concerns about lack of participation of communities in Sonora

More information in Spanish.

Women’s Rights Beyond The Business Case

This briefing highlights the importance of a binding gender-just international accountability framework for Transnational Corporations (TNCs), as an agenda in its own right and an integral part of a broader effort to achieve women’s economic empowerment and rights, and offers a number of key recommendations in this regard. Download full document.

Trust Sonora River spent millions in water tanks and spared health expenditures for people affected by the spill

More information in Spanish.

A “toxic” menu warns about violations to rights caused by mining companies

More information in Spanish.